Welcome to SniderVoices

One family of four unique voice actors, sending their voices from a studio in the small arts and theatre village of Rosebud, Alberta, Canada all over the globe (five continents and counting!).

When we take on a project, we make sure it rings true and engaging to tell your story.  And we like to have fun; often our ad libs have ended up in the final cut!

Enjoy the website, check out our blog, and drop us a line

A recent VO highlight is Weston in a series called "Weebles", based on the toys from long ago that "wobble but don't fall down." Check out an episode featuring Weston as Willie on his page! 

Also, here are some adventures on the go in addition to our ongoing VO gigs:

Jeany just completed a huge task on the stage, playing Winnie in the absurdist play by Samuel Beckett, Happy Days.  She not only brought her full heart and resilience to this play--she memorized 60 pages of text tell the story!

Weston and Donovan are enjoying Summer as a time to play and pursue some part time work both in landscaping and serving ice cream at our local stand. They continue to practice their brass instruments, and are writing and filming their space movie!  More to come on that ambitious project!

David is in the performance run for the play An Almost Holy Picture by Heather McDonald for Rosebud Theatre, playing through the end of August. As a one-man show with a soulful story,  it has been a big and rewarding actor challenge!

The garden is thriving!

Jeany, David, Donovan, and Weston Snider